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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 19, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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where itthappened and how they found ouu. 11:12:45 "do we think he's gonna beat this disease? no." no." family's fight. tte rare diseass tteir son is fighting.. and why it's oftenn mis-diagnossd. and... a sweepstakes scam.what a group f men told one 80 pyaa ld.. that haa im handing over his ife savings... and how o keep it 3 3 3 today thursday april 19th. 3 3
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baltimore city police bust a suspected dog fighting ring. police say it wws ooerating out of a home in northwest baltimore.meganngilliland is here with a story you saw first on fox. 3&good morning patrice,police say it started with a drug dog fighting oppration. operatiin.after getting a tip from neighbors... detectives executed a warrant tuesday night for this home long investigators discoveeed much more thaa drugs... they found medications typicalll used in doo fighting.they also found fighting manuals... and 8 pit bulls in the basemmnt with woundd consistent with fighting. (sgt. nock) "we don't want to see these dogs hurt. ii's something that can lead to additional.. mayye individuals being hurt. you knnw when sometimes they can get llose and potennially hurt someone el" &pelse."policeehave charged
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johnnie taylor, who lives ccarged johnnie police have charged johnnieetaylor, who lives n the home, with 8 pounts of animal cruelty... &pdog fighting and drug possession. as or the dogs... we know that animal ontrol has rescued them.right now, theyyre at tte baltimore animal rescue care center for observation....ppnding the outcome of the investigation. news. we now know the name of thh person wwo was gunned down in northeast baltimore on wednesddy mornnng. morning.police say 3- year- old derrick smith was fatally ssot in "la'sone bar" around one a-m on belaii rrad at cliftoo park terrace.there are no suspects or motive at this informaaion... you're asked to baltimore county policeeneed your help tracking doon a man involved innan attempted murder.they saa 29-year-old atteepted murder.policee believe he may be somewhere in western baltimore county.if
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this case... call police. the university of maryland student charged withhposting a threat on the internet to go onna shooting rampage on campus... has been ruled competent toostand trial. 19-year-old alexanderrsong toll a judge on tuesday... he was feeling much was taken to a hhspitaa for a psychiatric evaluution after he was arrested last month. investigators say song ppsted messages saying he planned to "kill enough people to make it to national news.""it could be months before the case goes to trial. 3& the city agrees to pay 155- thousand dollars as part of a aations of three baltimore -3 city police officers. doouments shhw inn2008 ... police stripp searchhd a man ttey thought was concealing turns out he wasn't ... but the strip search took place in frrnt of the man's tto hildren nd their mother. 31141:06 when you conductta full body search you're not supposed to do it out in the public ssreet. :14 :14 city solliitor george nilson
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says a jurr verdict could have the case wasn't settlee out of court. a school bus accident in anne arundel county leaves onn man seriously hurt.a car and the wednesday morring.the man who wassdriiing he car was taken to the hospitallwith life- threatening injuries.luckily, no childden weee on the bus aa caused the crrsh. new developlents in thh prostitutionn candal rocking the secret service.three agents arr leaving their postss colombian prostitutes.doug mckelway explains why there are continued called for more agentt to step down. the first call has secrrt serviie director ark sullivan to step own, as american investigators comb the ssreets of cartagena to interview 21 or moree prostitutes who rendeezoused republican congressman randy forbes of viiginia says, under director sullivan's
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leadership, the service ignored the first rule of security planning.sot - forbes says: "... don't et the &pprostitutes in. if we can't right, how can we ggt the rest security?" speaker juugment about the incident penddng the outcome of an says: "... well, i think we - need to get to the bottoo of it. again, from all the press that was inappropriate. and, deal with what the facts are." theee's been no change stated yesterday - that pirector sullivan enjoys the confidence of the president. difficult to cast government as a force or good under the weeght of threeeburgeoning scandals, ress secreeary jay ccrney said the president - quote - "has been crystal clear since he was a candidate about the standards that he insists be met bb those who work for the federal gooernment." pressupttve rrpublican presidential nominee mitt romney weighed in on the secret service scandal ffr the first time today.(audio mitt romney laura ingraham show)
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"... i'd clean house. the pight thinn to do issremove people, who have violatee the public trust and put there playtime and personal interest ahead of the interesttof thee picture of how this scandal d erupted comes from a taai drivvr n carragena who told the new york tiies, a ppostitute demanded 800 dollars from one of the americans. he rrfused to pay aad shht her outtof the room... she nd a friend hen which commenced the coomotioo, be tte secret service's most embarrassing moment. in &pwwshington, doug mckelway, ff p3&the secret service wants to talk with ted nugent... after hisscomments about resideet obama got the agency's nationnl rifle association meeting... nugent said quote - "if barack obama becomes he president in novembee again, i wiil either be dead or in jail by his time next year." tte musician's comments are getting more scrutiny because candidate mitt romney. some are now questioning whether nngent was alluding to violence gainst the president.
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a new judge is taking ovvr the george zimmerman case in was assigned to the case after judge jessicc recksiedler reeused herself thursday... att the defense's request.the reason?... herrhusband workk legal anallst who was originally connacted about representing zimmerman.lester is taking over the case in time for tomorrow's bond hearing.ziimerman is charged &t trayvon martin. 3today... thh world is mourning the loss of hollywood legend, dick clark.he passed away wednesday after suffering a massiveeheart attack.clark hosted "american bandssand" and "new year's rockin' eee" for more than 3 decades.he won six dayyime emmy awards and was often called "amerrca's oldest teenager." alarming vvdeo out of through a grocery store... and a waaning... this video is grap. graphic. ou can see the store... taking out several
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ppeple ... including a amazingly, the baby wasn't seriously another camera... you can see the store employeee and cuutomers pift the camry off of 83- year-old lupo ernandez.he is neighbors who know the 76 yyar old driver... say they never saw her ddiving that way in the eiggborhood. "i thinkkshe just had a bad experience, bad acciddnt, bad day, whatever."reporter: " so you don't think it had "noo"police saa the accident was not caused by aamechanicall failure in the car. if you'rr oticcng your allergies acting up this ssason... you're noo aone. according to a recent gallup- healthways poll... 1 in 5 people are sufffring allergies this month.that's up from last year.higher pollen counts across mucc f the country are being blaaed forrthe uptick in allergy suffeeers. a 14-yeaa-old is taking the internet by storm... with a ttlenttthat not too many
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people share.he's hoping a video he posted to youtubb.... his dreams... listte in. trailer guy impressiin: in a - world where the eaath as no longer ii our control... apocclypse in theaters everywheee, friday." friday." this is jake fouschee... doing his movie trailer vviie.he hopes to someday become a voice-over actor.the video has gone viral... with more than 3-hhndreddthousaad views on youtube. photos... sparkinn outrage. outrage.they'll ave to live withhthe consequences ccnsequennesthe grrahic images the nlikey person who senn them the controversial pictures. pictures. ((break 1))
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on to ur website at fox baltimore-dot- com and ccick on contests. ((ad lib , 3eteorologist))
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many best buy stores are closin. deals... but find out the - bargaans on. on.but first...disttrbing photos published... oo what seems to be american soldiers... posing wwth ddad released the pictures...and - the outrage it's sparking worldwide.
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[ cellphone rings ] a pair of photos featuring -s soldiers sparks nternational outrage and condemnation.but the newspaper that prinned thhm is standing by the decision.elizabeth corridan reports on the latest fallout. but first ww have a couple of warnings:we cannot independdnttl authenticcte the
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and some of the imaaes in this piece are graphic. graphic. --reporter pkg-as follows -- this is one of two photos 3 times, showing u-s soldiers says are the bodies of ddad afghan insurgents.tte times is ttem with 18 photos dating quote - draw attention to the safety risk of a breakdown in leadershhp and discipline" that he believes puts u-s troops in danger.condemnation is echoing out of washington anddaround the world.the pentagon released a statement professionalismmof the vvst serving in afghanisttn today," "these eveets took place -app ago and i coosider them an isolaaed event."isolated or not, the release of the photoss is another blow to the already fragile relationship between u-s troops and the afghan people.earlier this year,,aa showing urinating on enemy in burneddqurans -- coalltion troops in februaay, -- an unintentional error, ans -
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according toothe u.s. milltary. and just last month, army staff sergant charred with 17 counts of e's decision to print the s by its 3 pictures, saying it has aa obligation o its readers, military not to."so they obviously weighed the factors and believed that the public's right to know was greaaer han the marginal additional risk for the troops. hat's their paper says it verified the ive 3 authenticity of the photos tthough a series of interviewss including with the ppntagon.i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. being a working mom... doesn't . pay.what's keeping them home... instead of in the workplace. workplace.and thh link betweenn pmall bussnesses... and the impending closing of several post offices.whh they're
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care weighs heavv on thee pocketbooks of working moms. and as melisa raaey reports... the looming ccosure of some post offices has businesss owners ervous. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- wednesday, as europe's economy continues to worry investors. the dow lost 82 pointsthe buy means deals for shoppers. but don't expect to walk away with buttdon'ttexpect buy means deaas bad news for best both thh nasdaq and ppints &pworry investors.continues to eurroe's economy wednesday, aa back modestly stocks pulled follows ----reporter pkggas --reporter pkg-as folllws -- wednesday, as europe's economy continues to worry investors. the dow lost 82 pointsthe nnsdaq and the s-and-p both finished lower.bad news ffr best buy means deals for shoppers. but don't expect to walk away with aasseal on an i-pad or brand new hd-tv. while some smaller merchandise will be markkd down, most big-ticket items will be moved to beet buy's remaining stores. to close 50 locations by the
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working mom just doesn't pay... after factoriig in the rising cost of child care, &phigh gas prices and other woo- relaaed expenses, growing number of mothers areeopting to stay at home rather than work. according to child care aware for america... for most &pworkiig parents, chiid care i &pby far the greatest expenss. the potential of 250 post offices and distribution centers closiig next month is spreading jitters among the nation's small businnss hubb. owners of some small companies fear that business will suffer if their local centers shut down.unless congressssteps in, theepostal service will proceed with its closure plans on ay 11-th.the move is an money.for business brief, i'm melisa raney.-----end----- cnn.script----- p it's often the first thing that pops up... when you're searching for something. out what's wrong with the d site... that's posing problems for many people. police bust a
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